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L-Man Productions

L-Man Concerts create enchanting instrumental performances that celebrate the grace of string instruments. Our repertoire spans a wide range of genres, from the timeless melodies of the Beatles to the elegant charm of Violin Serenades and the rhythmic improvisations of Jazz. Join us for a musical journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul.


Madeira Mandolin Orchestra

This ensemble offers a unique take on classics by Kètèlbey, Vivaldi, Ponchieli, Strauss, and more. Madeira's only mandolin orchestra, blending youthful talent with tradition, provides year-round high-caliber performances. Europe's oldest and youngest mandolin orchestra.


MAMMA Productions

MAMMA's Multievent Auditorium is a dynamic hub, hosting concerts, art education, and fashion shows. It unites art lovers, enriching the local cultural scene. Explore their vibrant music program, featuring captivating tributes shows, concerts and more!


Funchal Guitar Quartet

The Funchal Guitar Quartet aims to lead Portugal's quartet scene with a unique approach, diverse repertoire (fado, classical, contemporary, theater, cinema), and seasoned members, each boasting 100+ annual performances. Expect a highly professional ensemble, dedicated to delivering exceptional musical experiences.


Associação Orquestra Classica da Madeira

The Madeira Classical Orchestra Association (AOCM), a recognized public utility institution since its founding in 1964, has the undeniable merit of uniquely driving musical culture in Madeira for over five decades, significantly contributing to a high-quality cultural offering in Madeira.


Joves Productions

This events specializes in hosting intimate concerts at traditional and natural venues, drawing inspiration from Latin and Smooth Jazz genres. Our repertoire includes classics by artists like Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Van Morrison, among other surprises!


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