MAMMA Museum of Modern Art

Inaugurated on July 16, 2021, located at 14 Monumental Road, the Museum of Modern Art of Madeira (MAMMA) is a cultural space that houses an extensive artistic collection in the realms of painting and installations. It features over 300 works, primarily created by the artist Rui Sá, divided into 14 thematic areas and a temporary exhibition room, covering a total area of 800m2.

Its mission is to challenge visitors to use creativity, critical thinking, and art analysis beyond a superficial glance, thanks to its innovative and "out of the box" construction. MAMMA awakens awareness to everyday realities, fostering rediscovery and, perhaps, generating changes in a reality far from ideal.

In addition to artistic works, MAMMA serves as an ideal venue for various events, including concerts of different music genres, art education, and fashion shows, all taking place in its Multievent Auditorium. It aims to be a meeting point for art enthusiasts and contribute to a distinct perspective within the local offerings.

Event Producer

Rui Sá

MAMMA Museum Productions:  You are invited to join us for this musical moment at MAMMA Museum, where MUSIC, ART and fine WINE combined will offer you a great end to your day.   We hope you will join us soon for this musical magical moment!

MAMMA Concerts!

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